Forex Chart – Oct 12, 2015: USDCAD, USDSGD, CHFJPY


The USDCAD break of a clear support level on the daily time frame. I’ve marked this old support level, which now act as the new resistance level. If price can pull back and print a bearish price action at that level, I will go short. Keep on watching the intraday, like 4-hour and 1-hour chart.

USDCAD daily chart


USDCAD 4-hour chart 



Price on USDSGD (US dollar vs Singapore dollar) moving back to the important support level on the daily time frame. Just preparing 2 ways plan on this pair. Price is in the bearish mode right now and could break through the support level, but on the opposite side if we can get a signal to go long there is space for the price to go up.

USDSGD daily chart



Right now, price on CHFJPY is on the important daily resistance level. Price has respected this daily resistance level in the past, as you can see on the daily chart that is marked below. If the price could form bearish signal on the daily or intraday time frame, we could open a short trade on this pair.

CHFJPY daily chart – zoom out


CHFJPY daily chart – zoom in

CHFJPYDaily-151012-zoom in




  1. Great analysis, I am with you on USDCAD – waiting myself where to add a short position. I am long on CAD as a currency on EURCAD, CADCHF and CADJPY, but have missed the entry on USDCAD.

    We have also marked exactly the same level on CHFJPY, I am watching it very closely as well:

    However, I am holding a long position on this pair and expecting it to break through this resistance. Just as you said, if it fails to do so, I will probably have to reverse my bias and go short as well. I made sure to cover part of my long at the current price, as it is not certain whether the current resistance will be broken.

    Looking forward reading your opinion on other currencies.


    1. thank you, Anatoliy

      nice move on your EURCAD. Looking forward reading your opinion also…



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