[Read this trading setup first: GBPCAD]

Yesterday, I open 2 long positions on this pair. Price reach first target (TP 1) at 2.0546 for +111.0 pips. I’m adjusting the second (2nd) stop loss level to break-even at 2.0435 for a risk-free trade and still aiming for 2.0925. I will keep updating about this setup here and also on my twitter account for the fastest update.

OP: buy stop 2.0435, SL: 2.0286, TP1: 2.0546, TP2: 2.0925

Result: price reach first target (TP1) for +111.0 pips

Update: adjust stop loss level for second (2nd) position to break-even at 2.0435.

GBPCAD daily chart


GBPCAD 4-hour chart – zoom in

GBPCADH4-zoom in-151210

GBPCAD 4-hour chart – zoom out

GBPCADH4-zoom out-151210


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