Forex Chart – Jan 13, 2016: AUDJPY, AUDCAD, GBPCHF


The AUDJPY has been broken through the support level on the daily, just like the chart shows below. Recently, price moved up and retest this old support level (or new resistance level) again. On this kind of sphere, I will start hunting for bearish price action signal around the new resistance level. The price action signal could emerge in the intraday time frame. 

AUDJPY daily chart



Price on the AUDCAD is obviously in the uptrend. We can see that price retrace back and move back higher, then recently the price has just broken through the resistance level which has been respected several times in the past. This resistance level now acted as the new support level. The level that we should keep an eye on for a couple day ahead.

On the intraday (4-hour and 1-hour) chart below, we can see the level clearly. The level that I’ve been marked is the level that I will watch for long opportunity.

AUDCAD daily chart


AUDCAD 4-hour chart


AUDCAD 1-hour chart



Price on the GBPCHF  has been broken through the daily support level. This level has been respected several times in past, looking back to August and October 2015. This old support level now acted as the new resistance level and for now, I will start looking for the short opportunity at that level. This opportunity could appear in the intraday time frame.

GBPCHF daily chart


GBPCHF 4-hour chart



One comment

  1. Aud trend is going up, but maybe for a short time.


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