Forex Chart – Feb 2, 2016: USDCAD, NZDCAD, GBPCHF


Price on USDCAD is in an important daily level. With the pair is obviously in the uptrend, this level is a potential level to watch for an opportunity to go long. Until now there still no clear signal to open buy order. 

USDCAD daily chart



Price on NZDCAD has broken through an important daily level and now price on its way to retest the level again. I manage the level as the daily resistance level and will hunting for the short opportunity at that level. On the 4-hour chart below, we can see that this pair put up a clear downtrend with the price enact a low and lower low pattern as a sign of weaknesses.

NZDCAD daily chart


NZDCAD 4-hour chart



I’ve been discussed this pair here. Recently price on GBPCHF has broken through the major daily level and that level now act as the new resistance level. This upside movement supported by what shows on the intraday timeframe (4-hour chart). Price on GBPCHF solidly creates a high and higher high pattern and then broken through a major daily level. What I’m looking for right now is

What I’m looking for right now is the opportunity to go long if the price could retest the old resistance/new support level and forms a bullish signal in the intraday or daily timeframe.

GBPCHF daily chart


GBPCHF 4-hour chart



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