Crucial level on EURAUD & NZDUSD

Price on EURAUD has broken above the daily resistance. The daily chart below shows the daily resistance and how this level now becomes the level that I mark as the important level for the price to makes a re-test and grinding higher. Recent momentum on this pair shows that EURAUD has been traded higher and then traded sideways before make a new fresh high. 

EURAUD daily chart


On the 4-hour chart, we can see that price been traded choppy and retest the resistance level three times before move higher.

Right now, I will wait for the price to re-test and pullback lower to the old resistance/ new support level then start hunting for an opportunity to go long.

EURAUD 4-hour chart



Price on NZDUSD is attempting to break lower and through the daily support level. Recently, the price has been tried to break this support level and doesn’t succeed. In the recent attempt, price formed 2 small pin bar and then rejected. In my opinion, it makes this level become crucial at the moment. If price can break the daily support level, I will start hunting for the short opportunity.

NZDUSD daily chart


NZDUSD 4-hour chart



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