Brexit or Bremain: my trading consideration

So this week will be one of the important weeks in 2016 for traders (at least for novice trader like me). With the British referendum ahead, I made my decision: NOT TAKING any position until the referendum ended and the decision is clear enough. 

Simply because, as a novice trader, I can’t stand for uncertainty and volatility that will come until the result has been announced. Rather than becomes nervous and panicking during the event, I prefer to “keeping my distance” from the market for a while, at least until this week ended.

I know, maybe some of you will remind me about trading psychology, my own trading plan, or my trading method, but with the “how great” is the event and regarding my own not-enough-experience in this trading business, I decide not to open any position for this week.

This two (2) article helping me to made the decision and hopefully could be your reference also.

So, maybe I will take some free time and not seen any chart for this week. Few days out is not going to kill me, because there will be another opportunity on another day or week.

And I agree with what a senior trader said on his blog:

“This is a marathon, not a sprint. The markets aren’t going anywhere; take your time and do things the right way”


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