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AUDCAD: prefer long

Price has broken through an interesting level on AUDCAD. As you can see on the picture below, AUDCAD move higher and push the price higher. The level that I talking about been respected several times in the past and now become the new support level on the daily chart. Advertisements

GBPJPY: breakout and retest?

Price on GBPJPY has moving downside at the moment, after formed a Pin Bar on December 12th, 2016. Yesterday, price broke through below the support level on daily chart. This level has been respected as support and resistance in recent times as you can see on the daily chart below. This support level now acts […]

AUDUSD: another rally lower?

Driven by the Federal Reserve decision to raise their interest rate from 0.50% to 0.75% and hawkish comment from the Federal Reserve which plans to continue raising their interest rate in 2017, the US dollar rises again other currency, including the Australian dollar (AUD). 

USDJPY: higher and higher

Price had been moving higher since my last blog post on USDJPY (read here). Recently, price on USDJPY broke through another important resistance level on daily.

EURGBP: riding the downtrend

Italy’s Prime minister, Matteo Renzi, has suffered a defeat in the constitutional referendum. The “No camp” appears to have won by an impressive 60% to 40% and for today and also the next couple of day I will start to look for opportunity on EURGBP pair. 

NZDUSD: sideways..

The NZDUSD still in sideways and has been since mid of the year. Price has been moving around the sideways area and some level been rejected several times inside the area.

AUDUSD: will the line hold?

The AUDUSD is standing on the level that really important, as the picture shows below. This level act as the support level, then broke below and now price is retrace back to the level again. This old support level now acts as the new daily resistance level. The daily chart for today is not yet […]

USDJPY: uptrend and wouldn’t trade against

The USDJPY has been in an obvious trend up and price already broke an important level around 111.40 and move higher. The level that I mention is very important and act as the daily resistance level. After price break higher, this level now acts as the daily support level.