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EURGBP Update: got stopped

[Read this trading setup: EURGBP] A quick update on EURGBP short position. Got stopped when the price hit the stop loss level on Monday. UK Prime Minister speech on Sunday brings a huge effect on what happened with the poundsterling in recent days. Advertisements


I’ve been posted my position on EURGBP earlier on Twitter and Facebook. I will explain the reason behind my decision to go short on this pair.

EURUSD Update (2): reach all target for 402 pips

[Read this trading setup: EURUSD] Yesterday price on EURUSD reach my 2nd target at 1.0350 and I managed to get 285 pips. The total profit that I booked from this short trade is 402 pips.

EURUSD Update (1): reach first target for 117 pips

[Read this trading setup: EURUSD] As I write this post, The Fed already raise their interest rate and price on EURUSD move lower. As I mention earlier in this blog, I was taking two (2) short trade at 1.0635 and targeting the 1.0518 and 1.0350. I was taking it because I see an obvious Bearish […]


I’ve been opened sell position on EURUSD, just like I said earlier on Twitter and Facebook.

USDCAD Update (2)

[Read this trading setup : USDCAD] Here is an update about my 2nd position on USDCAD. Price hit the stop-loss level on break-even (BE) level at 1.3009, after worse NFP (Non-Farm Payroll) data in the US. In total, I managed to get +66 pips from 1st position.


[Read this trading setup : USDCAD] Here is a quick update on my long USDCAD setup. As you can see on the chart below, I was able to long at 1.3009 or above the 4-hour Bullish 2-bar reversal. I put an order above the bullish 2-bar reversal as a confirmation that the price ‘want’ to […]


I’ve told about this setup earlier on my Twitter  and Facebook account. In this article, I will show you the reason why I put a buy order on USDCAD. This trade has been triggered.   I’ve discussed USDCAD here. From the daily chart below, we can see that price broke above the resistance level then pullback […]