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EURGBP Update: got stopped

[Read this trading setup: EURGBP] A quick update on EURGBP short position. Got stopped when the price hit the stop loss level on Monday. UK Prime Minister speech on Sunday brings a huge effect on what happened with theĀ poundsterling in recent days. Advertisements


I’ve been posted my position on EURGBP earlier on Twitter and Facebook. I will explain the reason behind my decision to go short on this pair.

EURUSD Update (2): reach all target for 402 pips

[Read this trading setup: EURUSD] Yesterday price on EURUSD reach my 2nd target at 1.0350 and I managed to get 285 pips. The total profit that I booked from this short trade is 402 pips.

EURUSD Update (1): reach first target for 117 pips

[Read this trading setup: EURUSD] As I write this post, The Fed already raise their interest rate and price on EURUSD move lower. As I mention earlier in this blog, I was taking two (2) short trade at 1.0635 and targeting the 1.0518 and 1.0350. I was taking it because I see an obvious Bearish […]


I’ve been opened sell position on EURUSD, just like I said earlier on Twitter and Facebook.


The weekly AUDUSD short trade on December 2015 worked well. With the bearish 2-bar reversal that emerges on the weekly chart, price moves lower and reach my profit target at 0.6935 in the second week of January 2016. I’m already out with the profit.


The AUDCAD is still on the uptrend. Price moves upward since early September 2015 and brokeĀ severals resistance level on the daily time frame. Recently, price on the AUDCAD is retrace back to the old daily resistance/new daily support level around 0.9980 and printed a Pin Bar on the 12-hour chart. This pin bar is obvious […]


I just check my chart and on the weekly chart I found the bearish 2-bar reversal on AUDUSD. This reversal signal formed at the level that I marked as the resistance area. There is a big chance that price could reach the level around 0.6935. I decide to go short and open one (1) position. […]